Friday, May 13, 2011

First Ever CCO Haul!

I'll admit that I'm a newbie when it comes to getting stuff cheap. I stumbled upon Specktra and was checking out swatches and the like. Don't ask me how, but I found a thread about CCO's... needless to day I had no idea what that was. After looking around for a while and found out it meant Cosmetic Company Outlet and I about died. I love me some outlets! I live about 30 minutes away from a huge outlet mall so when I saw there was a CCO there I about died.

Two weeks later (seriously it was a struggle, lol) I headed up there with my mom. I was completely overwhelmed. MAC is my newest obsession so I all but started to hyperventilate. Anyway... after about an hour and putting back like a billion things I wanted, this is what I got.

I ended up getting mostly eye shadows. Since I feel there are a ton of swatches out I won't do a complete swatch set here, but I did swatch a few things for you!

MAC Pigment: Spiritualize from the Metal Urge Collection '08
   Paid: $13.75

MAC Eyeshadow: Going Bananas from the Dare to Wear Collection '10 and Saffron from the Mickey Contractor Collection
   Paid: $10.25

MAC Eyeshadow: Shimmermoss from the To The Beach Collection '10 
   Paid: $10.25

MAC Eyeshadow: Vainglorious from the Venomous Villains Collection '10 
   Paid: $11.00

The picture disappeared -- I'll add one up later.

Finally swatches of the colors on my arm in natural light:
Shimmermoss, Saffron, Going Bananas, Vainglorious, and Spiritualize

MAC Eyeshadow Stacks: Stacked 2! from the Spring Color Forecast Collection '10 
   Paid: $22.75

Finally everything else I got :) I wanted a bunch more face products, but knew I'd be spending $300+ if I didn't stop.

Clinique Super Moisture Foundation: Pure Porcelain 
   Paid: $17.00
 Sorry this picture is grainy... since it was so light the flash kept killing the color.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish: Porcelain  Pink from the Color Craft Collection '09

   Paid: $19.25

MAC Nail Lacquer: Peaceable from the Style Warriors Collection '09

   Paid: $10.25

MAC Lipglass: Strange Potion from the Venomous Villains Collection '10

   Paid: $11.00
 Woo! Overall I was extremely impressed with everything there (and with the staff). It was kinda funny though since a few girls came in to see if they could get their makeup done. The girls who worked there said they couldn't since they weren't trained to do it. There I was, about to turn around and tell them I'd do it for them, but I knew they'd be like who the heck is this girl :)

Anyway, the CCO made my summer MAC collection hauls that much smaller. I planned on getting Strange Potion, Saffron, and Sun Blonde, but now I have 2/3 of them and won't need another yellow shadow! Thanks Williamsburg CCO! If you are in the area you should definitely check it out.

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