Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mac Haul - Fashion Flower!

So, for my first official post I figured I'd wait for MAC to come out with a collection. There are so many this summer that I wasn't sure which one would be first on my list. The metallic green of Bows and Curtsies got me so Fashion Flower it is ^_^

While I was waiting for the MAC artist to assist me I got a chance to look at the collection. It may have been small, but all the colors totally work as "fashion flower" colors. They even had the eyeshadows in the shape of a flower (which I thought was cute). I got to swatching and convinced myself that I needed Ever Hip. Anyone on the fence about the color go and get it at your local counter. You won't regret it!!

So here's my Haul:

Ever Hip: Natural Light (pretty true to color here)

Bows and Curtsies: Natural Light (pretty accurate but a tad darker in real life)
Alpha Girl: Natural Light (definitely way off -- much brighter in person)

Swatches of all three in Natural Light
Left to right: Alpha Girl, Bows and Curtsies, and Ever Hip

Finally a quick look I did after getting home from work and finally being able to play with them. *Excuse the bra straps, lol. I was in the middle of changing and was like oh! I need a picture of this before my screw it up by changing* Ever Hip on my lips, Alpha Girl as blush and smudged a bit of bows and curtsies in the crease and used it as eyeliner.

Overall, I think the collection was really really cute and I can't wait for Surf Baby next month!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Over the past few months, I've come to see that lots of blogs are out there about different aspects of beauty. While I frequently am able to find swatches and such for the things I'm looking for, I find it odd that most bloggers are women with medium to dark skin tones.

Having said this, I have run across problems with products not showing up on me like they do with others. So with this blog I hope to give all the pale, pasty masses a voice. To show the fairest of the fair what products will work for them. It's about time someone did this -- why not me?