Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mac Haul - Fashion Flower!

So, for my first official post I figured I'd wait for MAC to come out with a collection. There are so many this summer that I wasn't sure which one would be first on my list. The metallic green of Bows and Curtsies got me so Fashion Flower it is ^_^

While I was waiting for the MAC artist to assist me I got a chance to look at the collection. It may have been small, but all the colors totally work as "fashion flower" colors. They even had the eyeshadows in the shape of a flower (which I thought was cute). I got to swatching and convinced myself that I needed Ever Hip. Anyone on the fence about the color go and get it at your local counter. You won't regret it!!

So here's my Haul:

Ever Hip: Natural Light (pretty true to color here)

Bows and Curtsies: Natural Light (pretty accurate but a tad darker in real life)
Alpha Girl: Natural Light (definitely way off -- much brighter in person)

Swatches of all three in Natural Light
Left to right: Alpha Girl, Bows and Curtsies, and Ever Hip

Finally a quick look I did after getting home from work and finally being able to play with them. *Excuse the bra straps, lol. I was in the middle of changing and was like oh! I need a picture of this before my screw it up by changing* Ever Hip on my lips, Alpha Girl as blush and smudged a bit of bows and curtsies in the crease and used it as eyeliner.

Overall, I think the collection was really really cute and I can't wait for Surf Baby next month!

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